Adam Partridge

Adam Partridge

Fellow 2nd cohort
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My interests

My research background is in cognitive neuroscience, human neuroimaging and neurostimulation. Specifically, I have used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to investigate low-level auditory processing further. Through my own research, I became interested in novel and innovative ways of funding, conducting and sharing research. I am passionate about open research and improving research culture – I believe the growing momentum in these areas presents a huge opportunity to improve the quality of research and life for everyone involved in research (from support staff to research participants and, of course, researchers themselves). I also believe that research must become more interdisciplinary, collaborative, and decentralised to tackle current and future challenges, both in terms of specific research problems and broader threats to the research ecosystem itself, such as surveillance publishing.

My work

I am the Open Research Training Lead at The University of Sheffield, working on the UK Reproducibility Network’s (UKRN) Open Research Programme (funded by Research England). The UKRN is a peer-led consortium that aims to ensure the UK remains a world-leading place to do research. The programme focuses on accelerating the uptake of high-quality open research practices through three overall goals: to develop and deliver training, to create a framework for evaluation, and to share effective practices. As The University of Sheffield is leading the training workstream of this project, I am currently focussed on developing and delivering training in open research practices, including preregistration, open study materials, open code/notebooks, open data, preprints and open access publishing.