Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez

Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez

Fellow 2nd cohort
3 Contributions

My interests

My research interests include natural resources management, research network facilitation, climate change, tropical forests, research data management and data-driven decision-making.

I am interested in data sharing and re-usability for long-term ecological monitoring and research; and in developing protocols to ensure that the people (i.e. volunteers, NGO staff, and researchers) involved in data collection and curation are acknowledged for their contribution.

My work

I have two roles at the University of Leeds. First, I am the coordinator for water@leeds, an interdisciplinary centre encompassing all water-related research at the University of Leeds. Second, I am also the ecoinformatics lead of PeatDataHub, a network of peatland researchers. My work with PeatDataHub involves managing the database and engaging with international and UK-based peatland-monitoring organisations. In addition, I coordinated the development of a data management module for Eyes on the Bog, a low-tech long-term monitoring initiative championed by IUCN. The work with Eyes on the Bog involves training database users to manage and share their field data.