FAIR data management for long-term agricultural experiments

A short GTN tutorial addressing the basic principles of FAIR bioimage metadata
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Who is this lesson for?

This lesson is aimed at long-term agricultural experiment (LTE) managers, and researchers interested in using long-term agricultural experiment data, who want to apply FAIR principles and good research data management practices to their LTE data. While the target audience for this lesson is therefore LTE managers and researchers, the lesson covers many data management and FAIR data topics relevant to a broader audience working on agricultural field trials.

Lesson episodes

The lesson is split into five episodes:

  1. Introduction to FAIR Data Management for Long-term Agriculture Experiments
  2. Why should we share long-term experiment data
  3. FAIR Principles for long-term agricultural experiments data
  4. Metadata for long-term experiments
  5. Organising data for long-term experiments
  6. Making LTE data FAIR
  7. Using databases to manage Long-term experiment data
  8. Publishing LTE data


  • Familiarity with MS Excel
  • A spreadsheet editor such as LibreOffice, Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheets, able to read .xlsx files.
  • A text editor such as Notepad++, or Textpad