Katarzyna Kamieniecka

Katarzyna Kamieniecka

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Katarzyna is the Lead Data Stewardship Trainer for the ELIXIR-UK DaSH project based at the University of Bradford. She is also working towards a PhD in Computational and Data-Driven Science, and has developed a collection of freely available Galaxy tools.

Her main focus will be the Galaxy Training Network (GTN), The Carpentries and pedagogical best practices.

My work and interests

I am the Lead Data Stewardship Trainer at The University of Bradford, ELIXIR-UK, working in the field of Data Management and Stewardship in the life sciences. This role gave me an opportunity to get involved in national and international focus groups (ELIXIR, The Carpentries, Galaxy Training Network, nf-core, Northern BUG) with the aim to develop and provide bioinformatics and medical informatics training for clinical fellows and research staff. My background in computational methods and training strongly focuses on robustness and reproducibility.

With an MPhil in Biosciences and an ongoing PhD at the Computational and Data-Driven Science cluster at the University of Bradford. I got involved in skin biomarkers studies and have developed a collection of freely available Galaxy tools, combining analytical methods into a range of convenient analysis pipelines with a graphical user-friendly interface and training [1].

In parallel, I’ve worked for the CRUK MI Cancer Biomarker Centre as a Senior Computational Biologist, developing novel methods and Nextflow pipelines for a better understanding of genomic alterations in cancer derived from patient tumours and liquid biopsies [2]. I was also responsible there for the development and delivery of a series of bioinformatics-focused workshops for the researchers and community.

Throughout all my experiences, with tools and pipeline development supported by networking and community engagement, I turned intensely toward research data management and training delivery.

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