FAIR Pointers

A short course tackling the basic concepts and terminology of FAIR data
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Audience and content

This short Carpentries-style course caters for people working in the Life Sciences with little or no experience with the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). The course aims to concisely introduce FAIR, its concepts and terminology and supplement all material with signposting to helpful FAIR resources. These resources include RDMkit, FAIR Cookbook, RDMbites, FAIRsharing and the Data Stewardship Wizard, offered through the ELIXIR open-access infrastructure, supporting FAIR research data management.

You will learn about

This course tackles FAIR from the perspective of the 15 FAIR Principles published in 2016. You will learn about

  • FAIR and its origins
  • The FAIR Principles and its basic characteristics.


This is a basic course, and no prior knowledge is necessary.

For Reviewers

Please open a pull request from the GitHub repo if you have any comments or suggestions for our course.