EDIJ and decolonisation in data management

Learn to define equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice (EDIJ) and decolonisation. Explain how EDIJ considerations and decolonisation apply to data management and the difference between availability and accessibility. Define the FAIR and CARE principles and apply these to decolonisation concepts and EDIJ considerations to your own sub-field.

  • 00:00 Learning objectives
  • 00:53 What is EDIJ?
  • 02:21 What is decolonisation?
  • 03:17 Questions to consider
  • 05:07 Availability vs accessibility
  • 06:28 FAIR and CARE
  • 07:22 FAIR and CARE can help with data-sharing
  • 08:31 Task
  • 09:04 Acknowledgements