Nilam Khan

Nilam Khan

Fellow 2nd cohort
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My interests

I am interested in management of public health data (e.g. birth cohorts) captured through mixed methods and/or quasi-experimental study designs. The whole process of data management interests me; from data clean-up, visualization, reporting missing data, storage and data sharing policy. I have a keen interest in ensuring data capture from ethnic minority populations is representative, fair and fed back to the populations it came from. A fun fact about me is that my first statistics teacher was Anders Tegnell, the Swedish government’s well-known Public Health advisor during the COVID pandemic. I would like to think that his individual and free-thinking approach has fascinated my academic thinking to a great degree!

My work

I work as a Research Fellow at the Bradford Institute for Health Research. In my current role, I am closely involved with data collection in the form of surveys, physical (quantitative), and qualitative (storytelling) measures in the Age of Wonder programme (part of Born In Bradford), which aims to recruit 30,000 teenagers from Bradford across 7 years. During my PhD studies at Loughborough University, my work included SPSS data management, genomics and breathomics data capture of athletes undergoing assessment for Exercise-induced asthma. I also did microarray data visualisation. My Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences is from the world-renowned Karolinska Institutet in my native Stockholm.